Find more opportunities and close more deals in a way your customers will love

“The future of sales is here, and opportunities for increasing client engagement and growing revenue are plentiful.”
Shelley Walters

We help businesses everywhere to design compelling value proposition messaging, craft winning pitches, and train sales and client-facing teams for world-class client engagement and remote selling success.





If your customers sat through your sales training, would they still buy from you?

At The Sales Counsel we have a unique approach to selling.

Our framework is built on the unfailing combination of Confidence, Clarity, Conviction and Competence. If you have to compromise on one of these, in our opinion, it is just not worth it.

We excel at assisting sales professionals by equipping you with tools to help you close more deals in a way that amplifies connection to your purpose. Our methodology will help your teams to magnify their sense of significance and contribution without having to leave the comfort of their own offices.

The sales landscape has changed, but, it is ripe with opportunities for those who are willing to participate in the harvest.



Some say that being in sales is about going into battle every day.

To them we say, if that is how you feel, there is a better way!

Some say sales is a zero-sum game.

It’s really not; once you understand that sales is all about adding value, multiplying results and compounding rewards – for your CUSTOMERS first and foremost (not putting your agenda ahead of theirs) and the deals will come.

Success in sales, as in life, requires both Meaning and Margin. Productivity and Passion. Profit and Purpose.

You should not continuously have to sacrifice one for the other. Winning in business is knowing that we thrive by making a difference. That our solutions help others, and that through our sales efforts, we are doing the most honourable thing we can do for our country, our sector and our business by stimulating our economy.

What We Do

The Sales Counsel is a boutique sales enablement consultancy and an e-learning provider.

We will be the champions of your sales team, responsible for enabling the sales process of your business.

We do this by providing information, content, and tools that assist sales professionals to not only increase their sales performance and their results, but to do so in a way that your customers appreciate.


IS YOUR TEAM DIGITAL SALES-READY? Are you aware of the immense talent waiting to be unlocked in your sales force, but perhaps it seems that you are just not able to fully realise it in a virtual space?

Presenting South Africa’s first Remote Selling School

Information you have not learned before, delivered at the pace of the individual, and at a price you can afford.


Power up your sales performance with the our knowledge bank.

Our award-winning, no-nonsense approach is echoed in our results

“Shelley, always finds a way of uplifting her audience, connecting with them in a meaningful manner. Shelley carries out her speaking engagements with utmost professionalism and positivity. She shares a wealth of knowledge is recommended without hesitation because of the impact she delivers.”


CEO, Business Engage Association

“Shelley just delivered yet another great presentation for Ensono. Her message is targeted and spot on, and her delivery is flawless and to be envied. I highly recommend her!”


Senior Project Management, ENSONO

“Shelley is amazing! Her sessions were over two days and we were kept engaged throughout. The training was impactful and I enjoyed every minute!”


National Customer Experience Manager, MIMECAST

“If you are looking to develop and transform your team, Shelley is the person to contact. I have attended a number of workshops, courses and training, however none of them hit the spot like Shelley’s. Her workshop shifted the thinking and mindset of my team and for the first time, I witnessed rapid, positive change. Shelley, thank you for the impact you have made to me and my team.”


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