I can’t believe that we have reached the end of Part 10 in The Story of Selling – I have thoroughly enjoyed researching and creating this series. Up until now, we have been featuring many male figures in the Story of Selling, but we are not done yet and in August you can look forward to finding out more about Mary Kay Ash, Sarah Breedlove Walker, Estee Lauder (and more) as we celebrate Women’s Month here in South Africa.

We began The Story of Selling at its inception where we learned that salesmanship had its roots in farming, and it was then, as it is still is today, a means for people to not only improve their lives, travel the world and create an income that can support themselves and their families – but we also saw how breaking the mould and daring to be different saw some of the biggest names in sales today, risking it all at the time.

We have learnt about Dale Carnegie, we learnt about John Henry Patterson, and John Watson from IBM – from Snake Oil Salesmen to the founding of Avon Cosmetics and much more – but where does this all leave us?

A time to reflect

Reflecting on what has come before is a great way to learn, and as an experienced salesperson, I always find the stories of the founders of our craft so inspiring and informative, however, looking towards the future is also something that is vitally important, and as we straddle a huge shift and change in the way that sales and sales teams are facing the way that they operate and move forward, so should our focus shift too.

As I reflect on how far we have come in the sales journey, I realise that there is still much more to be told, and we will keep the Story of Selling alive in our hopes of inspiring you.

To all my sales ladies, do not worry, we have August month dedicated to our pioneering female sales leaders.

What is the next step?

With so many businesses needing to increase their sales in the short and medium turn I felt it necessary to highjack The Story of Selling series for a few weeks with something that can help you right now. That is the next evolution in selling, the ‘NOW’ Chapter in The Story of Selling and that is Social Selling.

Social selling is not a new concept, but it is certainly one that is being used more frequently than ever before, and with face to face meetings and cold calls on the back burner as many potential customers are now working from home, we need to shift, evolve and transform to embrace the changes that face us as salespeople – not only locally, but globally as well.

Many sales professionals have moved (or are moving) their prospecting and selling to online platforms such as LinkedIn, and Facebook and this approach focuses on profile building, networking, relationships being created in a digital space as well as the need to start creating powerful content to supply to your clients and potential clients as well.

Moving virtual relationships forward, from an interested party to a closed deal, all while never having met each other face to face is something totally new, and I am delighted to be able to share more helpful tips, hints and ideas to assist you in making that change.

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