Are you tired of seeing your sales team miss its potential?

Help your sales team reach and exceed its sales targets by cracking the prospecting code.

Are you frustrated with a sales team that consistently tries hard, but fails to fill the sales pipeline with decent qualified prospects?

Are your salespeople’s prospecting efforts stuck because they’re plagued by a lack of focus, effort, and skill? If so, there is a good chance that your sellers are leaving money on your competitor’s table!

If you can relate, you are not alone. Many sales leaders are in a similar position to you… their teams are leaving money on the table because they can’t prospect effectively; they are distracted and have lost focus and momentum. That’s why they need leadership, direction, contemporary selling skills and a strong sense of purpose.

The Ultimate Prospecting Bootcamp has been designed to help sales leaders like you to shift behaviour in your sellers. With our sales sprints, you can expect to see positive changes in under a month without taking them out of the field.

The fact is every sales team has untapped potential. Every team can ensure a predictable pipeline with focused prospecting activities but focus (just being busy) on its own is not enough – we must be disciplined and highly competent.

You can be sure that…

The more effective, consistent, and focused your team is at prospecting, the more meetings they’ll book and the more deals they’ll close.

“50% of buyers choose the vendor that reaches out or responds to them first.”

The InsideSales Lead Response Report

Hi, Sales Leader

My name is Shelley Walters, CEO and founder of The Sales Counsel. My team and I crafted The Ultimate Prospecting Bootcamp because we could see the plight of our country’s salespeople who were battling to secure quality sales meetings, particularly during Covid-19 when face-to-face became impossible.

“80% of your sales team is hitting only 42% of its target.”

Chally Group after interviewing more than 20 000 sales teams.

I think their plight affected me because, as a rookie Sales Manager in 2008 at Kingfisher FM in Nelson Mandela Bay, I went through something similar.

Before I joined, the community radio station was sitting on the edge of a precipice because it scraped by and survived on donations. If you can believe it, they even used to run those old-school-type telethons to raise funds for the station. But it didn’t matter what they tried, it wasn’t enough to keep the station in the black, and they faced the very real prospect of closing down.

It wasn’t a great time. The organisation felt uncertain, insecure, and unmoored.

Then a forward-thinking young leader, Theunis Pienaar, took on the role of Station Manager and, with it signed up for the mission of saving the station from certain closure. He believed things could be done differently and that the station could provide commercial value to the market, which would allow the station to fund its operations through revenue generated through advertising sales.

At this point, he hired a key team to help him turn the station around; I was his selection for Sales Manager. Together our mission was to ensure the station stood on its own two feet. He inspired us to become creative and come up with solutions that would stop us from being dependent on handouts.

But as new managers, we inherited a team that was not used to being managed or to be held accountable for their (lack of) results. Perhaps you’ve seen something similar with some individuals in your sales team:

  • They distract themselves with other (non-sales) activities.
  • Because they’re used to rejection, they keep on attracting it.
  • When you try to give them constructive feedback, they get defensive.
  • They’re miserable because they’re last on the scoreboard.
  • They’re nervous because they must face you, their leader, empty-handed.
  • They’re fearful of keeping their job because they’re bringing in the revenue/

I know that I felt like this, and more.

So, this is what we did…

Then, we overhauled our sales and marketing messaging using the latest findings in Neuroscience, and we got busy PROSPECTING.

Those heady times were exciting and invigorating. And, I have to confess, a bit nerve-wracking. But, driven with purpose, we were on a mission and became scrappy and doggedly determined to succeed.

Within 18 months, we were entirely funded by advertising. Our hard work had paid off, and we became a smashing success.

Whilst all our endeavours helped us plot a path to self-sufficiency, the real reason we achieved our goal was simple. We made innumerable calls and knocked our knuckles raw on more doors than I care to remember. In short, we prospected like there was no tomorrow.

I’ve no doubt that prospecting was the fundamental reason that we succeeded.

To succeed when all the odds are stacked against you, you need direction, focus and tools. The Ultimate Prospecting Bootcamp will give you all of these.

I’m particularly proud of this 21-day intensive programme that goes beyond the old, hackneyed theories that rely purely on dials. In the old days, like when I worked in Office Automation, it was all about dials and door-knocking. It may have worked then, but in a commercial environment where we’re aggressively managing the cost of sales, who can afford outdated and expensive models that essentially use your salespeople as cannon fodder?

Times have changed, and now there’s LinkedIn and your mobile phone – tools only dreamt of a few short years ago.

Our Ultimate Prospecting Bootcamp lays a solid foundation for your digital prospecting efforts with targeted outreach using select channels.

We tailor your outreach pitch using the neuroscience of persuasion and get your sellers testing it LIVE with other participants.


Outstanding feedback from our delegates

The feedback from our delegates on the support and service levels received during their experience in the programme coupled with using the number one rated technology platform in the world, has led to us receiving an outstanding Net Promoter Score of 78.2.


Learned how to connect more effectively

What we enjoyed the most about The Ultimate Prospecting Bootcamp was how to structure your pitch using the science of persuasion. We also benefited from LinkedIn insights and learned how to connect more effectively with people there.

Rynard Wakefield, Aspire Atlantic


Amazing Service!

Thank you so much Shelley and team for your amazing service and thank you for being part of my learning journey in becoming the best version of myself.

Delegate, Standard Bank


Relatable to all industries

The Ultimate Prospecting Bootcamp was a fantastic experience and course. It is relatable to all industries and allows sales executives to maximise their professional brand and presence. Entering the Digital revolution, the social selling skills provided by The Sales Counsel; have equipped me for ultimate success and enabled me to navigate through prospects, identify quality prospects and to increase my conversions and deals! 

Talia Swartbooi, Aspire Atlantic


Passion and Dedication!

I appreciated the passion and dedication from the team!

Delegate, Standard Bank

Are you tired of seeing individuals in your team miss their potential?

The Ultimate Prospecting Bootcamp will help your team book more quality appointments so that they can close more deals consistently.

So, if you’re tired of hearing your sales team complain about the customers who aren’t responding to their prospecting messages; that there’s not enough money out there; that they don’t have enough time to prospect or that they get too many rejections with prospecting just not working any more, then consider sending them on The Ultimate Prospecting Bootcamp so that they can learn how to prospect effectively and reach and exceed their sales targets.

But, I’ve already tried everything…

“Even sending my team on prospecting and sales training, but nothing’s worked…”

“Relying on referrals is like pushing a rock uphill.”

“We love our marketing team, but the results are hit-and-miss, not to mention – It’s expensive.”

“I’ve tried incentivising my team with extra bonuses.”

“I’ve tried messaging on LinkedIn. I almost ended up in LinkedIn jail for spamming.”

“Social media is black hole that drains time and resources.”

We understand how you feel, and we can help.

All of these practices, tools and approaches have their time and their place, but few can rely on referrals alone. We love marketing, but the leads can be inconsistent. And what business does not want more consistent, better-qualified leads at a lower cost?

Incentives are important, of course they are, especially for sellers, but they are not enough to move the needle on behaviour change that you can and should be seeing in your business.

What we do know is that The Ultimate Prospecting Bootcamp is unrivalled in taking the prospecting challenges you face and turning them into wins. This 21-day programme will get every member of your sales team on the scoreboard so that they can close more sales consistently.

Transform your team into influential, persuasive, resilient and persistent champions of your business.

Learn how to craft messages that are engaging and prospects respond to.

Learn how to find businesses in uncommon places so that they can outwit and outsell your competition.

Learn how to find time to fit prospecting into their workflow easily and effortlessly.

Learn how to enjoy the prospecting process again. When you're on the scoreboard and winning, it's always fun!

Learn how to automate prospecting to triple their prospecting output and so, their sales.

Learning Journey

Example timeline of what your delegates can expect. This may vary depending on the month and start date.

Day One

Access the Remote Selling School and set up your profile, meet your coach and download your schedule.

Day Two

Access foundations of Social Selling complete 1 hour self-paced on demand.

Day Three

Optimise your LinkedIn Profile, complete your SSI, connect with your coach on LinkedIn.

Day Four


Day Four


Day Six

Prepare your social media materials for coming prospecting sprint

Day Seven

Live online prospecting training session one | 90 minutes

Day Eight

Live online prospecting training two | 90 minutes

Day Nine

Buyer Persona Analysis and list prep

Day Ten

Prep your sequence

Day Eleven

Free dates

Day Twelve

Free dates

Day Thirteen

Pitch prep day two – text short form

Day Fourteen

Pitch prep day three – text long form

Day 15

Referral request list prep and copy prep

Day Sixteen

Sprint One

Day Seventeen

Sprint two

Day Eighteen


Day Nineteen


Day Twenty

Sprint three

Day Twenty-One

Debrief and review

The perfect blend of self-learning, peer-interaction, theory and practical application

This 21-day programme incorporates up-to-date, science-based, field-tested and proven learning methodologies. Our facilitators use a blend of learning methodologies to rewire the students’ brains to ensure that new learning is embedded, retrieved, and practised.


What students will learn at the Ultimate Prospecting Bootcamp

How to become a champion at social selling.

How to turn second LinkedIn connections into first and how to strike up meaningful and profitable conversations with them.

How to craft an irresistible prospecting pitch that'll compel your prospect to engage with you.

How to write compelling and convincing LinkedIn client acquisition text.

How to use email messaging effectively to quadruple your engagement and sales.

How to optimise their LinkedIn profile so that it is attractive to your perfect client.

The neuroscience of persuasion and influence (essentially, how a buyer's brain works and how to speak to that).

Practise your pitch with your peers so that it's perfect.

How to use LinkedIn video to attract prospects to you effectively.

How to prospect effectively over the phone.

What’s different about our training?

The Sales Counsel works with the science of good prospecting and the neuro-science of learning.

We use new approaches to prospecting, teaching you to capitalise on digital and social selling tools, to help you find leads in an increasingly remote landscape.

Our training includes one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as peer review, allowing delegates to not only feel empowered by what they learn, but learn to apply it in the real world.

We don’t pretend that times haven’t changed. In fact, we embrace it! Our contemporary, science-based and field-tested methodologies are proven to work!


The Power of LinkedIn

This session has definitely showed me the potential, power and possibilities of LinkedIn and how to incorporate it with my work.

Melandi Kaltwasser, Lufil


Apply to Real Life

I love the examples in how we can apply our teachings to real life. Thank you, Shelley!

Ingrid Munsamy, Standard Bank

Get your team on the scoreboard, smashing your sales targets!

Meet your lead facilitator

Shelley Walters is one of today’s most dynamic and emphatic voices in the world of sales. A recognised expert, award-winning speaker and trainer, who works with individuals, groups and audiences, equipping them with the tools they need to boost their performance in sales and life.

Shelley is the founder and CEO of The Sales Counsel; the creators of the Remote Selling School – a first-of-its-kind on the African continent: a remote sales education platform that empowers sales teams to deliver better results. With more than three decades of experience in business-to-business, and business-to-customer environments, Shelley brings unique insight and over 25 years of experience to her clients, helping them close more deals, make more money, and upskill their teams.

The Ultimate Prospecting Bootcamp

Kicking Off Soon!

An intervention of this kind, running over 3 weeks with recognised subject matter experts, would cost upwards of R25 000 per person but, thanks to technology and the accessibility of the programme, we are able to offer this intervention for R8 997.00 ex. VAT.

Your sellers will get individual attention, time to process what they’ve learnt, and access to some of the best content in the world.

What could that mean for your growth target for FY 24?

If your salespeople could increase their sales even by a relatively small 10%, what would those numbers mean to your profits?

Our award-winning approach is echoed in our results

“Shelley, always finds a way of uplifting her audience, connecting with them in a meaningful manner. Shelley carries out her speaking engagements with utmost professionalism and positivity. She shares a wealth of knowledge is recommended without hesitation because of the impact she delivers.”


CEO, Business Engage Association

“Shelley just delivered yet another great presentation for Ensono. Her message is targeted and spot on, and her delivery is flawless and to be envied. I highly recommend her!”


Senior Project Management, ENSONO

“Shelley is amazing! Her sessions were over two days and we were kept engaged throughout. The training was impactful and I enjoyed every minute!”


National Customer Experience Manager, MIMECAST

“If you are looking to develop and transform your team, Shelley is the person to contact. I have attended a number of workshops, courses and training, however none of them hit the spot like Shelley’s. Her workshop shifted the thinking and mindset of my team and for the first time, I witnessed rapid, positive change. Shelley, thank you for the impact you have made to me and my team.”


Group Head of Properties and Facilities, ALEXANDER FORBES