As businesses around the world adjust to the realities of remote working and selling, sales and marketing, however, still need to bring in the leads, nurture the client’s relationships and close the deals.

The workplace will never look the same again, and as businesses establish remote working practices, we can see that this will mean that we to change in our sales approach and process.

Now, more than ever we have come face to face with the reality that sales and sales effectiveness are nothing less than essential economic services.

If you want to grab and hold your potential customer’s attention – then you will want to make sure to join me for the next 10 weeks where not only will you learn how to take your online presentation skills to a new level, but also assist you and your team to learn how to build rapport online, connect with your potential customers, how to do a full online product demonstration and much more.

What we will be covering…

Be a Technical Set Up Boss

They say that failing to plan is planning to fail and when it comes to anything technical, this is more than incredibly important. The very first step to becoming an online meeting master is to prepare for your meeting, but this time around, there is a twist.

By now, you should be used to preparing all your materials and practising your pitch before a sales meeting, because that’s professional sales behaviour, however, there are a lot of things to work on in the new world of online sales in order to be a master of our craft.

Hosting an Engaging and Interactive Meeting

In the real world, a professional salesperson would prepare for, and focus on, commanding the room, the conversation and the sales process, and you would be prepared to maximise the chances of success at whichever stage of the sale you are because that’s how you win deals.

In the digital world, this is even more important, because attention spans are shorter, distractions are more numerous and the medium itself makes it much harder to forge a human connection.

Keeping people engaged is vital and will certainly give you a powerful advantage over your competitors.

Social Selling and Building Relationships Online

Social media has created so many great opportunities for salespeople, it is high time you took it seriously if you are not already. Part of the job of sales will always be to find high-quality leads and on platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook and many others, they are there in their millions.

Ultimately, social selling is a strategy used to help you achieve your sales goals, by finding opportunities, answering prospects and potential buyers’ questions through thoughtful content and social interactions – and it keeps you visible and relevant.

Stakeholder Influence

Maintaining a high level of engagement among all parties in any meeting is a challenge. But doing it in a video-led environment makes the real-world challenge look like child’s play. If you have spent any time on video calls up to now, you know what this means.

The winners in this new world of online selling will be the ones who master this, and the ones who can keep all the key stakeholders engaged, or better still, enraptured.

Building trust and credibility will help you not only gain this engagement and stakeholder attention but also assist you in becoming an influencer in that situation.

Pitch, Propose, Persuade

Your tools today are great remote presentation skills where your voice and your delivery count more than ever before, coupled with visuals which need to be breathtakingly brilliant. It is all new. And the stakes have never been higher.

Start by setting the scene for your presentation, in all of our engagements we are really teaching our customers how we like to engage and what it is that they can expect from us. All of these engagements that precede your pitch are really engagements in which you are positioning yourself.

Begin to position yourself as an authority in your industry or field way before the meeting. Many people wait until the big pitch to position themselves as an authority, and by then it may be too late.

Data-Driven Presentations

Does your sales process require you to demo a product, or to visually present technical information? Does it help you to draw out a diagram to explain your product or service? That is often the case in sales, and in the real world, that is easy to do over coffee, with a pen and a napkin.

To succeed in the digital world, however, you have got to play to the benefits of a whole new medium, with its demands for brevity, differences in presentation capabilities and a whole new set of techniques.

For many people stories are much easier to remember than data or facts, stories stimulate the visual part of our brain as we picture what we are being told, and we tend to remember them longer.


We need to think of ourselves as a dial, not a switch, especially when it comes to productivity. We dial-up or down towards being more or less productive and noticing what our triggers to stress and being less productive are.

It is more important that we show up consistently than blowing the lights out with 14-hour days. If we have a bad day, then let it be a bad day – accept it. But do not let a bad day become a bad week a bad month or even a bad quarter, it is one day let it be that and do not be too hard on yourself.

In order to be productive, you need to gain clarity. We cannot be focused, if we are operating in chaos, or if you are confused or unclear.

Powerful Online Presentation Tools

You probably never gave any thought to the tools you used to have at your disposal in a traditional face-to-face selling environment because they were just ‘there’. A whiteboard. A sheet of paper. Things you could co-create on, with a couple of good pens and a couple of great brains.

The good news is that those tools have not gone away, they have just been … enhanced. Refreshed for a new requirement. And along the way, they have acquired an awesome new power.

This may seem like an unfamiliar space for many of us, and we have received so many requests to assist and guide teams to becoming more familiar and well versed in the Remote Selling space that we are delighted to announce the launch of our very own Remote Selling course for teams and businesses early in October 2020.

If you would like to find out more about how you can get access to the Remote Selling Course, which would offer extreme value to you and your teams, please indicate your early interest by reaching out to Chris on who will send you the relevant information and let you know about our early bird offer.